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PhotoEZ and StencilPro Troubleshooting

Poor Stencil Quality Causes/Solutions
Image on stencil is there but not washing out enough.  May be over exposed. Try reducing exposure time. Check negative/artwork. If light passes through printed areas, image may not be opaque enough. Light may be diffusing under Stencil. Make sure Stencil and artwork are squeezed tightly together.  
No image at all, entire stencil is solid color.  Make sure negative is placed between light source and Stencil. May have been left out of protective bag for too long. Return unused pieces in black bag ASAP. Protect from intense light during washout.
Entire Stencil is washing away leaving only the mesh. Light source is not intense enough or has no UV. Make sure you use recommended light. Negative is blocking all UV light. Use recommended negative/artwork media. Plastic or glass used in your contact frame may block out UV. Make sure to use non-UV-blocking materials.
Fine details washing away. Negative may not be opaque enough or details are too fine. Exposure time not long enough. Printer paper brightness level too high - use 84 brightness, 20lb computer paper.
Some areas not washing away. Negative making poor contact with Stencil. Use recommended contact frame. Image on negative not opaque enough in some areas.
Some areas washing away. Light source not distributing evenly over entire surface of Stencil. Try using larger light source or more bulbs.
Image is fuzzy. Negative making poor contact with Stencil. Use recommended contact frame. Light diffusing under Stencil. Make sure to place on top of dark foam or material. Negative placed on mesh side of Stencil. Make sure negative is on shiny green side during exposure. Light source not perpendicular to Stencil.
Film lifting off mesh. Under exposed leaving film too soft. Try longer exposure time. Too vigorous washout. Use gentler spray Image too close to edge. Try leaving at least " boarder around stencil.
Center not washing out and edges washing completely out. Stencil is too close to light source and is creating a hot spot in center while edges are not getting enough light. Try moving light further away or use more bulbs and less time.
Poor Printing Causes/Solutions
Paint bleeding under stencil. Paint not thick enough. Try using a thicker paint. Stencil not making good enough contact with surface being painted. Try using stencil adhesive spray. Surface being painted is too uneven. Try cutting Stencil into smaller pieces for a better fit. Taping down may help. Too much pressure applied to paint brush or spatula. Use less pressure.
Paint not going through. Dried paint filling up mesh. Try cleaning stencil before proceeding. Paint is too thick. Paint contains pigments or speckles that are too large to fit through mesh.

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