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Home > Howtos > DIY Exposure Light for PhotoEZ and StencilPro

DIY Exposure Light for PhotoEZ and StencilPro - Circuit Bridge Project Guide

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DIY Exposure light for StencilPro and PhotoEZ Project Guide

Materials and Supplies
• One (1) 10.5"
  Clamp On
  Reflector Light
• One (1)
  Light Bulb

  Spec: 26w
  Daylight 6500k
  (equivalent to
• 5.5' Long
  Schedule 40
  PVC Pipe
  * PVC Pipe and
  fittings are
• One (1) tee
  two (2) elbows
  three (3)
  end caps
• PVC Pipe Cutter
  or Hacksaw
• PVC Pipe Glue
  or Cement
Project By:  Circuit Bridge     Time to Do:  1 hour    Skill Level:  Beginner

Read all instructions before beginning your project. Read manufacturer labels on products and
supplies being used. Have FUN!
Cut PVC pipe for PhotoEZ and StencilPro Exposure Light Step 1: Using PVC Pipe Cutter or Hacksaw, cut PVC Pipe * to following sizes:

    2 x 6"
    2 x 10"
    1 x 22"

*  Use Schedule 40 PVC Pipe (1/2")
Insert Two 10" Pieces of PVC Pipe into PVC Pipe Tee

Step 2: Insert two 6" pieces of PVC pipe into either side of PVC pipe Tee

Glue PVC Pipe Elbows to 6" PVC Pipe Pieces, then Attach them to Pipe Made in Step #2 Step 3: Glue PVC pipe Elbows to each of the 10" PVC pipe pieces, then attach them to pipe with Tee (see Step #2). Use PVC Pipe glue or cement
Loosely "Dry Fit" All Sides, Including 22" Top, then Glue to its Final Position. Attach Sides with End Caps
Step 4: Loosely "Dry Fit" all sides, including 22" top, then glue to its final position. Attach sides with end caps
Screw a 26w Compact Fluorescent Daylight Bulb into a Clamp On Rflector Light
Step 5: Prepare the clamp on reflector light: screw in a 26w Compact Fluorescent Daylight bulb
Attach Clamp On Reflector Light
Step 6: Attach clamp on reflector light, making sure that the distance between the edge of the aluminum reflector and surface is exactly 15"
PhotoEZ and StencilPro Exposure Timing Chart
(Using 100w Compact Fluorescent Light in This Project Guide) *

Medium PhotoEZ Standard PhotoEZ HiRes
Transparency Film**    15 mins    10 mins
Medium StencilPro Standard StencilPro HiRes
Transparency Film**    6 mins    4 mins

*  The distance between the edge of Aluminum Reflector and surface
    must be 15" for exposing PhotoEZ and StencilPro using this chart

** The exposure time was tested with high quality waterproof screen printing transparency,
     available from Circuit Bridge. Timing will vary if other brand transparency is used.
Please Note that since our paper testing yielded great variations in exposure times; we can no longer recommend using printer or copy paper. Please, use it at your discretion and only after careful testing and timing.

You have successfully completed the DIY Exposure Light For PhotoEZ and StencilPro Project!

The information in this project guide is presented in good faith, but no warranty is given, nor results guaranteed. Circuit Bridge, LLC disclaims all liability from any injury to anyone undertaking the construction of this project as a result of improper safety precautions. Since we have no control over physical surrounding the application of information herein contained, Circuit Bridge, LLC disclaims any liability for untoward results.

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