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Home > Howtos > StencilPro - Create Custom Stencil

StencilPro™ - Create Custom Stencil

Step 1 (1) Prepare your artwork.
Step 3 (2) Place StencilPro™ dull side down on the contact frame.
Step 4 (3) Place artwork face down against the shiny side of the StencilPro™ stencil material.
Step 5 (4) Place clear plastic part of the contact frame over artwork and fasten clips.
Step 6 (5) Place contact frame in light. Time according to timetable given in StencilPro™ brochure.
Step 7 (6) Immerse developed stencil in a container of tap water for at least 10 minutes. Keep away from bright light.
Step 8 (7) Gently dab the screen with a soft paint brush or rinse under water. Re-expose stencil to a light source for a minimum of 10 minutes.
Step 9 Finished StencilPro™ stencil ready to use.

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