Circuit Bridge Project Guides - Create Your Own Custom Embossed Card

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Embossed Card
Materials and Supplies
 • Cardstock     • StencilPro™ or PhotoEZ™
 • Paper plate     • Acrylic paint (thick consistency)
 • Wooden stick     • Embossing heat gun
 • Squeegee     • Water Colors
 • Embossing powder     • Paintbrush
Read all instructions before beginning your project. Read manufacture labels on products and supplies being used. Practice on a similar surface before starting your actual project. Recycled paper is great to practice on. Have FUN!
Project By:   Shirley Simmons
Time to Do:  2 hours
Skill Level:   Intermediate
Embossed Card Step 1 Step 1: Develop StencilPro™ (PhotoEZ™ may be used - follow appropriate exposure chart) according to directions.
Step 2: Cut cardstock to desired size or use a blank card.
Step 3: Position StencilPro™ Stencil over cardstock, shiny side down, silkscreen side facing up.
Step 4: Scoop paint and spread on squeegee.
Embossed Card Step 2 Step 5: Place your thumb and index finger on the stencil to hold it in place. Spread the paint evenly and completely over stencil (the paint should seep through the silkscreen). Lift the stencil slowly, if there is a void carefully lay the stencil down and apply more paint. This can only be done if the stencil has not been completely removed and placing it in the same position. Remove stencil and place in a container of water. Stencil can be rinsed and cleaned later.
Embossed Card Step 3 Step 6: Sprinkle embossing powder over wet paint, then tap off excess powder on paper plate. Return excess embossing power to container.
Embossed Card Step 4 Step 7: Heat-treat powder with embossing heat gun. Paint with watercolors. Let dry. If the card is warped press between heavy books overnight.


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