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PhotoEZ and StencilPro - Getting Started

Stencil made with StencilPro silk screen Both, StencilPro and PhotoEZ are unique silk screen based products that revolutionized the screen printing industry by eliminating the need to have a costly screen printing setup. Our products are green and do not require the use of toxic chemicals - only sunlight or fluorescent light and tap water to develop. We have made the silk screening, once a difficult if not impossible task, available to anyone in the comfort of their home. Moreover, StencilPro as well as PhotoEZ are the only silk screens that are tough enough to use without a frame.

The following are our recommendations of what you will need to get started using PhotoEZ and StencilPro!
Some of the items on our list are optional; however, could be proven very helpful - especially for small runs and multiple prints:

I. Starter Kit - comes with everything you need to make stencils:

• One (1) 10"x12" Deluxe Contact Frame
• One (1) 8.5"x11" PhotoEZ or StencilPro Standard Sheet
• One (1) 8.5"x11" PhotoEZ or StencilPro High Resolution Sheet
• One (1) 3" Flexible Squeegee
• Two (2) Samples of ReadyMade PhotoEZ or StencilPro Stencils
• Two (2) Small Pieces of PhotoEZ or StencilPro to Test Exposure Time
• NEW! Two (2) Complementary Sheets of Ink Jet Transparency
• Instructions

II. Refill Sheets - if you have several designs or color separations Standard or High Resolution PhotoEZ or StencilPro (optional)

Standard sheets are usually perfect for most screen printing needs, including t-shirt printing. HiRes is intended for artwork with smaller details or halftones.

Additional refill sheets are available for PhotoEZ and StencilPro Standard. Choose from 4, 10, 20 packs or even rolls.
HiRes refill sheets are also available: StencilPro HiRes, PhotoEZ HiRes

III. Rolls - for stencils larger than 8.5 " x 11 " (optional)

If you need a larger stencil, PhotoEZ and StencilPro come in following roll sizes: 11 " x 17 " and 25 " x 33 ".

IV. Plastic Canvas - to support the PhotoEZ or StencilPro stencil during rinsing and cleaning ink.

V. Dark room specialty box (optional)

This super opaque box will enable you to protect your undeveloped stencils from light while storing, as well as while washing out your exposed stencils. Works with all brands of our stencils of up to 8.5" x 11" in size.

VI. Squeegees - come in various sizes and assortments (optional - 3" flexible squeegee is included with the starter kits)

VII. Plastic Frame - helpful for multiple printing (optional)

Improve your screen printing efficiency with a plastic frame. - No need to wash the stencil after each print. The number of prints will depend on your skill level and amount practice. Also, helps to prevent the ink from going over the edge of the stencil onto the printing surface. Use tape (masking tape, scotch tape, etc.) to adhere the stencil to the frame. Plastic frames are available in a variety of sizes.

VIII. Screen printing inks and paints

Choose from Jacquard, Versatex screen printing inks, Liquitex or Jones Tones puff paints for embelishments. Jacquard and Versatex are both specifically formulated for screen printing applications and are ideal for use with PhotoEZ and StencilPro. Slow drying for multiple printing and washes off with water. Heat setting is required to prevent fading. Use a heat press or a dry iron set on the highest temperature. Keep the iron moving to prevent scorching. Wait one week before washing.

IX. Versatex Fixer - No heat setting is necessary when you add Versatex Fixer to Versatex or Jacquard Screen Printing Inks (optional)

X. Transparency sheets - highly recommended (complementary InkJet transparency sheets are included with starter kits)

Print your artwork on transparency to create superior quality crisp detail stencils. The exposure time will be also dramatically reduced! Choose from LaserJet or InkJet vatiety (depends on your printer). Comes in packs of 10.

XI. Exposure Frames - (optional, included with starter kits)

Keeping stencil tightly pressed against the drawing during entire exposure is key to creating crisp high quality stencils. Comes in 10 " x 12 " and 6 " x 6 " sizes.

Please check out our FAQ page for additional information.

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