Circuit Bridge Project Guides - Use Our Screens with Print Gocco B6 Printer

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Card Created with Print Gocco B6
Materials and Supplies
 • Print Gocco B6 Printer     • StencilPro™ or PhotoEZ™ Stencil
 • Empty B6 Frame     • Double Sided Tape
 • Artwork     • Paint or Ink of your preference
 • Blank Paper or Cardstock     • Tap water
 • Paper Towel         
Read all instructions before beginning your project. Read manufacture labels on products and supplies being used. Practice on a similar surface before starting your actual project. Have FUN!
Project By:   Circuit Bridge
Time to Do:  3-5 hours
Skill Level:   Intermediate
Print Gocco ready made Figure 1
Print Gocco Put Tape around empty B6 Frame Figure 2
Print Gocco Place Stencil Over B6 Frame Figure 3
Print Gocco Ink Stencil Figure 4
Print Gocco Ready for Press Figure 5
Print Gocco Print with Our Stencil Figure 5
This project guide will explain the technique for using StencilPro™ or PhotoEZ™ stencils with Print Gocco B6 printer. Print Gocco is a discontinued product by RISO KAGAKU Corporation, Japan.

For all projects:
• Develop StencilPro™ or PhotoEZ™ Stencil according to directions here.
Step 1:
Put double sided tape around the edge of the empty B6 frame. See figure #2.

Step 2:
Place StencilPro™ or PhotoEZ™ stencil over frame as shown in figure #3.

Step 3:
Ink as usual.
Step 4:
Ready for Press.
Step 5:
Apply ink.
The information on this project guide is presented in good faith, but no warranty is given, nor results guaranteed. Circuit Bridge, LLC disclaims all liability from any injury to anyone undertaking the construction of this project as a result of improper safety precautions. Since we have no control over physical surrounding the application of information herein contained, Circuit Bridge, LLC disclaims any liability for untoward results.