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StencilPro, PhotoEZ - Project Guides and Ideas

  Tips and Techniques by Circuit Bridge
Create your own custom silk screen stencil with PhotoEZ or StencilPro Getting Started with PhotoEZ and StencilPro
Both, StencilPro and PhotoEZ are unique silk screen based products that revolutionized the screen printing industry by eliminating the need to have a costly screen printing setup.
Our products are green and do not require the use of toxic chemicals - only sunlight or fluorescent light and tap water to develop. We have made the silk screening, once a difficult if not impossible task, available to anyone in the comfort of their home.
Moreover, StencilPro as well as PhotoEZ are the only silk screens that are tough enough to use without a frame.
Create your own custom silk screen stencil with PhotoEZ or StencilPro Create Your Own Custom Stencil
Learn how to create your own stencil with industry's cutting edge silk screening product from Circuit Bridge.
Use your PhotoEZ or StencilPro stencil Use your Custom PhotoEZ or StencilPro Stencil
Learn how to use your custom PhotoEZ or StencilPro stencil.
Build your own exposure light box for StencilPro and PhotoEZ DIY Exposure Light - Low Cost Solution for Exposing Your Silk Screen Stencils
Learn how to build your own exposure light for use with StencilPro and PhotoEZ.
  Screen Print on Fabric
Embellished Tote Bag made with PhotoEZ or StencilPro project guide Embellished Tote Bag
Embellish tote bag using our silkscreen stencils along with your artwork or clipart.
Screen Print T-Shirt Project Guide Screen Print T-Shirt (two colors) using PhotoEZ or StencilPro Stencils
Learn how to print t-shirt using our silkscreen stencils along with your artwork or clipart.
  Paper Craft
Embossed Card project with PhotoEZ or StencilPro Embossed Card
Create your own custom greeting card.
  Make Your Own Printed Circuit Board
Printed Circuit Board, PCB, project guide and instructions Printed Circuit Board Instructions
Create your own printed circuit board (PCB).
  Glass Etching
Glass Etching project guide - etch glass with PhotoEZ and StencilPro reusable silk screen stencils Glass Etching I
This project guide will explain three techniques for etching glass. Choose one technique or try all three.
Glass Etching project guide - Decorative Mirror Glass Etching II
Glass etching - decorative mirror.
  Wall Art and Decor - Home Improvement Ideas
Wall Decor with StencilPro Stencils Home Improvement - Stenciled Canvas and Frames Wall Decor with StencilPro
High style without high price tag and a wall installation you will enjoy for years to come! Beautiful approach to showcasing your family pictures and life mementos.
  Print GOCCO
Use PhotoEZ or StencilPro silk screen stencils with Print GOCCO Use Our Screens with Print GOCCO B6 Printer
This project guide will explain the technique for using StencilPro™ or PhotoEZ™ stencils with Print Gocco B6 printer. Print Gocco is a discontinued product by RISO KAGAKU Corporation, Japan.
  PhotoEZ and StencilPro Videos
Watch PhotoEZ and StencilPro Product Videos PhotoEZ and StencilProo Product Videos
Watch PhotoEZ and StencilPro product videos.

Print GOCCO Users
Already running out of supplies? Expensive light bulbs, limited number of inks? Try our screens with GOCCO machines. Learn More..

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