Circuit Bridge Project Guides - Embellished Tote Bag

Part I - Making the stencil

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Embellished Tote Bag
Materials and Supplies
 • PhotoEZ™ or StencilPro™ stencil film •  Plastic Frame (optional)
•  Artwork (black and white computer printout will do) •  Plastic Canvas (optional)
 • Exposure Frame    •  Liquitex BASICS High  Viscosity Paint
   (we used Titanium White)
 • Jones Tones Puff Paint   •   Plastic tray
 • Brush    •  Palette Knife (optional)
 • Squeegee    •  Tote Bag
This project guide will show you how to embellish tote bag using our silkscreen stencils along with your artwork.

Read all instructions before beginning your project. Read manufacturer labels on products and supplies being used. Have FUN!
Project By:   Circuit Bridge
Time to Do:  3-5 hours
Skill Level:   Beginner to Intermediate

Embelished Tote Bag Artwork

Step 1: Create your artwork and get it ready for printing

All you need is a black and white picture or drawing. Since we wanted to use 2 different colors, we have gone one step further and separated our artwork into two pictures - a tree and text in a circle. See step 2.

Tote Bag Artwork - Tree
Tote Bag Artwork - Text in Circle
Tote Bag Project - Print Artwork
Step 2: Print your artwork

For maximum detail, use InkJet or LaserJet transparency, or vellum paper when printing.
Peel PhotoEZ or StencilPro backing Step 3: Peel clear protective backing from PhotoEZ or StencilPro
Tote Bag Place Artwork on Plastic Step 4: Place printed artwork over clear plastic sheet of the Contact Frame
Place PhotoEZ or StencilPro on Artwork Step 5: Place the PhotoEZ or StencilPro silkscreen stencil shiny side down on artwork
Tote Bag - Add Black Foam

Step 6: Add the black foam board

Magnets in the frame should clamp the two parts together firmly. To insure good contact press down on the center of the contact frame.

Tote Bag - Expose Stencil

Step 7: Expose
Turn over the contact frame so that the clear plastic sheet of the frame faces the light. Expose to light source. Be sure to use the exposure times as recommended for your stencil film type.

• PhotoEZ exposure chart
• StencilPro exposure chart

Tote Bag - soak stencil in water

Step 8: Soak in tap water for 15 minutes

Gradually you will be able to see the silhouette of the exposed image on stencil.

Tote Bag - Brush and Rinse StencilPro or PhotoEZ stencil with water

Step 9: Brush and rinse

Brush and rinse with water. Use a plastic canvas to support the stencil during rinsing or cleaning screen printing ink.

Tote Bag -Stencil is ready to use

Step 10: Dry stencil

Your stencil is no longer sensitive to light. As soon as the stencil is dry, it is ready for use.

Tote Bag - Text in circle artwork

Step 11: Repeat steps 2 through 10 if you are using separate stencil, as we are using for text in a circle printout

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