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StencilPro, PhotoEZ - Using Your Custom Stencil

Place your stencil on work surface with film (shiny) side down and mesh (dull) side up. Use stencil adhesive or masking tape to help secure your stencil and prevent bleeding. If youíre using spray stencil adhesive, spray from a distance of 1 to 2 feet with one quick squirt. This prevents clogging the stencil.
Step 2 STEP 2: PAINT
Apply on mesh (dull) side only. Apply paint along the top of your stencil. Stroke from top to bottom while applying slight pressure. Paintbrushes can also be used. Experiment with both to determine what works best for you.
Before removing your stencil, lift a small portion to make sure there are no voids on the surface. Check the top and then the bottom. As long as you lift only a portion of the stencil, it will automatically align itself.
Final Product Final Result.
Notes: To prevent paint from bleeding under stencil, be sure to keep squeegee at a 30 to 45 degree angle. Apply paint to the dull side only.
Do not let paint dry on your stencil. Keep a container of water nearby to place your stencil in. Gently rinse your stencil with water. Use soap if necessary. Rub gently on the mesh side only if needed. NEVER THE SHINY FILM SIDE! The shiny (film) side of StencilPro or PhotoEZ Stencil softens when wet. therefore care must be exercised to avoid scratching or rubbing off your design. Soak your stencil in a latex paint remover, acetone or paint thinner to remove any stubborn paint. Place on a shop towel to dry. If several stencils get stuck together do not pull them apart. Soak the stencil in water for a few minutes until they come apart.
• Keep undeveloped StencilPro in the black bag and store at normal room temperature. StencilPro™ has a shelf life of over one year or more if stored properly.
• Keep undeveloped PhotoEZ in the refrigerator in the black bag.
• Store developed StencilPro or PhotoEZ stencils flat, do not fold or bend. Once developed the stencil is no longer sensitive to light and may be stored in Baggies or a box.
• Ideal temperature range is 65° to 75° Fahrenheit.
For sensitive skin use rubber gloves when handling undeveloped StencilPro or PhotoEZ. Stencils can tolerate a few minutes of exposure to light levels found in typical homes as long as itís kept several feet away from artificial light sources and is protected from direct sunlight.
• Minimize exposure to fluorescent tubes. They emit more UV energy then incandescent bulbs.
• Illuminate work area with yellow bug lights (60 watts or less) if additional lighting/working time is desired. Fully developed StencilPro or PhotoEZ stencils do not require protection from light.
• Do not remove protective clear backing until ready for use. Once backing is removed, handle StencilPro or PhotoEZ from edges only. Avoid putting fingerprints or scratching surface of photosensitive film.

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