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Home > Circuit Bridge Product Manuals and Instructions > Versatex Screen Printing Ink Instructions

Versatex Screen Printing Ink Instructions

Uses: Fabric and Paper

These semi-transparent inks are most luminous on light colored fabrics and paper. Versatex Screen Printing Inks are ready to use right out of the jar and have a wonderfully creamy consistency. The colors are intermixable and can be thinned with water. Though heavily pigmented, Versatex has a soft hand. It will not wrinkle or bleed on paper. Versatex printed fabric must be heat set for permanence and washability. Beautiful transparent overlays can be achieved with the use of the Clear Extender. Metallic colors and Opaque White will print over dark tones.

Other Uses:

Use decorator blocks, stiff brushes, or short napped roller for painting on fabric. Be sure to work color into fabric, avoiding excessive build up of color. Natural bristle brushes are preferable, as used for oil or watercolor painting. Stencils are useful for repeat designs and masking tape is an easy way to make stripes and crisp edges. Painting with a sponge can produce interesting half tone effects. Versatex will print effectively over light to medium tones, but will not hide dark tones.

Heat-Setting Instructions for Fabric:

For best results allow painted or printed fabric to dry thoroughly, approximately one half hour, or for faster drying, place under a lamp, then heat-set. Heat setting locks color into fibers allowing for normal laundering.

Setting in a Dryer:
Home dryers DO NOT work. Use a commercial dryer at 250 degrees minimum for 45 minutes. Be sure to pre-heat dryer.

Setting with an Iron:
When using an iron, pre-heat iron at maximum temperature for fabric. Place aluminum foil on ironing board and the painted side of the fabric down. Press against the backside for 15-25 seconds per square foot. Use in a Commercial Conveyor Type Oven: 350 degrees for 3 minutes and two passes if necessary. Fabric should be hot to the touch in order to set colors. Versatex Fixative: Even easier (and softer); mix Inks with Versatex Fixative right before use for permanent results without heat setting! Note: Versatex Fixer can be used with the Versatex Printing Inks to increase wash fastness and to assist in the heat setting process. Add 1% to 3% by volume to Printing Ink. The pot life of the ink after addition of Fixer is 6 hours. After application allow ink to dry for 12 hours before heat setting at 225 - 300 degrees. Or let dry 4-6 days without heat setting before washing. Always do test runs before running productions.


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