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What is PhotoEZ™? (pronounced Photo Ease)

PhotoEZ PhotoEZ™ is a material for creating custom stencils without the tedious process of cutting your own. All you need is a black and white image on plain white paper, sunlight (or fluorescent light) and tap water. And because itís based on silkscreen with a light sensitive coating, you can create very intricate designs and floaters that are virtually impossible with traditional stencils. Plus, no expensive equipment or toxic chemicals are required.

PhotoEZ™ stencils are reusable. Clean with plain tap water, latex paint remover, paint thinner or oil based paint remover, let dry and re-use. Glass etching creams won't hurt PhotoEZ™. Etch glass with the same stencil over and over again. When etching glass, be sure to use a light coating of stencil adhesive spray.

You can print on:
Fabric... quilt squares, banners or layer upon layer complex cloth, or yardage to sew
Clothes... vests, scarves, kimonos, kids clothes, t-shirts
Ceramics... tiles, cups, bowls, plates and sculpture
Glass... etching paste or paint for bottles, glasses, plates, and windows
Wood... boxes, trays, chests, tables and chairs
Paper... personalized greeting cards, memory albums, journal covers, art collages and hand printed papers
Walls... borders, and accents
Metal... signs, instrument panels, sculpture
Stone... accents, tiles, back splashes

Use it with virtually any paint
You can use your custom stencils with spray paint, etching paste, textile paint, oil based paints, ceramic paint, ceramic glazes, enamels and tube acrylic paints.

Clean stencils with plain tap water, latex paint remover, paint thinner or oil based paint remover, let dry and reuse over and over again.

Whether you make arts and crafts for a living or for fun, PhotoEZ and its silk screen printing supplies will prove its worth as a fine arts or commercial medium and introduce you to a whole new world of design.
A rubber stamp cannot be made into a custom image in 15 minutes if at all. Neither will it stamp around a curve or work with those lush interference acrylic paints. A rubber stamp will not do an "o" or any shape with a middle. It will take hours of tedious work to create a stencil with intricate designs of your own.

PhotoEZ™ can do all this and more...

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