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Home > Products > StencilPro Sample Exposure Times

StencilPro Sample Exposure Times

Paper Type Sunlight Two 15W 18" Daylight fluorescent tubes Two 20W Cool White fluorescent tubes Two 20W Full Spectrum fluorescent tubes
White Paper 20lbs 3 minutes 18 minutes 30 minutes 11 minutes
Tracing Paper/
30 seconds 6 minutes 15 minutes 4 minutes
Overhead Transparency 25 seconds 5 minutes 11 minutes 3 minutes

Note:  Place fluorescent tubes within 2” of StencilPro™.

Recommended Paper for Drawings
• Plain white paper 20 lbs. or less (laser, inkjet or copy machine paper).
• Clear plastic film (acetate, overhead transparency).
Note: Do not use heavyweight card stock papers or premium computer printer papers.
• Drawings must be black and white only, no gray tones.
• The most important trait in a good drawing is to make sure it is very opaque (very dark). The higher the opacity the better.
• When tracing or drawing your own artwork, make sure to use an opaque pen.
• When using computer printers, setting the printer for premium inkjet/laser paper usually results in better opacity. However, do not use premium paper.
*Tip: Reinsert your copy into your printer several times to produce a very dark image.
Recommended Paints
Thick, slow drying paints work the best. Thinner paints can be use but require some practice to produce desired effect. Do not use runny paints.
Recommended Light Sources
• Sunlight.
• Fluorescent Full Spectrum/Daylight/Cool White tubes from 12 to 20 inches.
• Compact fluorescent bulb with 150w to 200w equivalent incandescent output such as “Lights of America” model 2342.
• Commercially available light tables using at least two 15w or greater fluorescent tubes.
Exposure tips
• Make sure entire surface of StencilPro™ is in good contact with drawing. VERY IMPORTANT!
• Place StencilPro™ on black non-reflective surface during exposure.
• Keep StencilPro™ perpendicular to light source.
• When using sunlight, cover StencilPro™ before and after exposure to guard against over exposure.
• Use a kitchen timer especially when using sunlight.
• Experiment with small pieces first.

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